El Fort Pienc (Eixample)

El Fort Pienc (Eixample)

Barcelona - Spain

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El Fort Pienc (Eixample)

Barcelona, Spain

Fort Pienc is a neighbourhood in Eixample. Residents in the area gather in the central Plaza to catch up with their friends or just admire the life in the neighbourhood. The plaza has the Fort Pienc Library, School, Market, and many other attractions including cafes, restaurants, and bars with indoor and outdoor seating within the plaza. The neighbourhood’s modern architecture is characterised by long wide streets and buildings with balconies. The neighbourhood houses the COACB campus and it is also a short ride away from the beach.

The neighbours

Local Catalans and Chinese immigrants.

Interesting points

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya is the local public theatre.

You will fall in love with

With the main Plaza.

The lifestyle

People spend a lot of time outside.



About the city

Coming to study in Barcelona is life-changing. The capital of the Catalan region is home to Spain’s two best-ranked universities, and is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Here, you’ll find everything from great architecture, performing arts, and cultural centres, to economic hubs leading the way towards the future.

Studying in Barcelona is more than just that – it’s an adventure. The friends you make, the great weather you’ll enjoy, all contribute to this city’s charm.

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