El Camp d'En Grassot i Gràcia Nova (Gràcia)

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Welcome to El Camp d'En Grassot i Gràcia Nova (Gràcia)

Barcelona, Spain

Camp d'en Grassot i Gràcia Nova was once an area of farms and craftsmen. Nowadays the area is almost unrecognisable with its block apartments in a quiet environment. However traces of the past can still be seen as some of the main streets of the previous urbanisation still exist. In the neighbourhood you can find attractions such as the Paseo de Sant Joan where you will find people strolling around or riding a bike.
A few steps away is one of the city’s most famous monuments, La Sagrada Familia. This makes this a central area with a more modern vibe and many shopping options.

The neighbours

Middle class families chose this area to live.

You'll fall in love with

Gràcia Nova has become a new trendy commercial area where you will find all you may need.

Interesting points

Paseo de Sant Joan is the main avenue in the neighbourhood and the centre of its life.

The lifestyle

Following the traditional Catalan style, the neighbourhood has good amenities and easy access to the city centre.

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