Baró de Viver (Sant Andreu)

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Welcome to Baró de Viver (Sant Andreu)

Barcelona, Spain

Balanona has a prime location as it is situated on the left bank of the small Besòs River and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. This location translates into white-sand beaches with warm sea temperatures. During weekend it is common for people to come from Barcelona after the high-quality beaches.
After the sun goes down the party continues in Badalona. The area near the beach has several bars that stay open until late hours. If you want to go to Barcelona in the middle of night there are night busses. During the day, thanks to the metro, you can reach the heart of Barcelona in just 20 minutes.

The neighbours

Unlike Barcelona, Badalona is not a touristic area. Here you will only find locals.

You'll fall in love with

A charming seaside town, Badalona has beautiful beaches and palm trees.

Interesting points

Monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra is a 13th century monastery.

The lifestyle

Charming residential areas in the centre, with light industrial and commercial zones further out.

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