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Student accommodation in Sempione

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Living in Sempione

The neighborhood of Corso Sempione is a memorable place, if you have a look at the map of Milan. It starts at Sempione Park near the Arco della Pace and stretches for about 2 km to Piazza Firenze. It is simply unique to live near the park, yet we will rather focus on the area along the Corso, as it is much easier to find the perfect accommodation there.

On the one hand there is the Via Paolo Sarpi, which is the heart of Chinatown, while on the other hand there is the Via Piero della Francesca, a street full of good bars and restaurants that will surround you with a unique atmosphere.

The old Fiera di Milano is located on the other side. Behind the historic Vigorelli Velodrome, you can see three skyscrapers that are part of the City Life complex and replace the old buildings of Fiera Amendola. For architecture lovers, there are also futuristic residential complexes created by Hadid and Libeskind.


The area is relatively large, which means your distances depend on the place in Sempione where you are staying.

The historic tram 1 runs along the Corso. The purple suburban line 5 is the most convenient one: it stops in Gerusalemme and the Tre Torri, which are strategically very well situated. Alternatively, you can also use the stop Domodossola.


None of Milan’s universities are located in this neighborhood, but since it is central and well-connected to the transport network, you can simply get to your university from here.

Politecnico Bovisa
From Domodossola it only takes one station to the regional line, which is where the faculties of design, architecture and engineering of the Polytechnic University in Bovisa are located.

University of Bicocca
You can get to the University of Bicocca with the purple subway line M5 towards Bignami. This university consists of 14 faculties.

University Statale
By tram line 1, you arrive at Piazza Cordusio in a historical and charming way. From here it is a short but nice walk along the main road to Via Festa del Perdono.

Catholic University
From the Domodossola stop you can drive to Cadorna, which is only a 10 minute walk away from the Catholic University. Not feeling like walking on a rainy day? Then you can take the bus line 94 alternatively.



About the city

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