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Student accommodation close to University of Milan

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Living near University of Milan

The University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano) has an unbeatable location in the heart of the city, a short distance from Piazza del Duomo and is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Milan. La Cà Granda was built in the middle of the 15th century to house a hospital. The construction and enlargement works lasted a couple of centuries, which resulted in the mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles that shows today. The building served as a hospital until shortly before World War II and was later transformed into an educational institution in 1958, after an intense work of restoring the damages suffered during the bombings.

Currently, the University of Milan building is a favorite of local students, not only for its architecture but also (and especially) for its eight cloisters, where one can relax and socialize; So much so, that even on the sunniest days there are more people in the cloisters than in the classrooms.

Despite its central location, the university is located outside the most touristy places, in an area mostly university full of bars and cafes where to eat and drink at affordable prices.

Finding flats near the University of Milan is not as complicated as it may seem. Just look out a little outside the main areas and you will find a rental room at a reasonable price and within walking distance of the University. If you prefer to look for something further away there is no problem, since you can reach Via Festa del Perdono easily by bicycle or public transport.

The area behind Porta Romana and Piazzale Lodi is probably one of the best options, considering the quietness of the neighborhood, the quality of the apartment and the nightlife. Recently the Prada Foundation has opened its doors very close to there, contributing to the artistic atmosphere of the area. You can also consider the area of Ticinese and Navigli, something more to the west. You may be somewhat further from the faculty, but you will be in the center of Milan's nightlife.


The central location of the university makes it very well communicated with any part of the city. The most convenient metro line is the yellow one (M2), but it is advisable to avoid getting off at the Duomo stop, always overflowing. Missori and Crocetta are at the same distance and are much less crowded. There are also numerous bus and tram lines.



About the city

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