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Student accommodation near IULM University

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Living close to IULM

The Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione is better known generally as IULM, the acronym of University Institute of Modern Languages. It is a university school founded more than forty years ago as a result of a strong desire to teach languages inspired by the growing demand of the international market and in anticipation of the evolution of communication and consumer society in the world.

The IULM is formed by three faculties; The Faculty of Interpretation, Translation and Linguistic and Cultural Studies; Communication, Public Relations and Advertising; And Art, Tourism and Markets.

If you are looking for a flat near the IULM, you do not have to go too far. The university is located between two old districts: the Barona, a residential area full of sports centers; And Navigli, one of the main nightlife areas of Milan. Think about whether you prefer a quiet neighborhood life or want to be in the center of the nightlife.

You can also consider the area between via Tortona and via Savona, as it is not far from the university. It is a typical Milanese neighborhood that goes from the ring road to the station of Porta Genova, where you will find many old restaurants (osterie) and new bars. In recent years, it has become a prominent area thanks to all the activities of the Fuorisalone, highly recommended.

How to get to IULM

The metro stop Romolo (green line, M2) seems to have been placed purposely, since it is located just in front of the university buildings and there is even an exit that gives access just to the entrance. If you can not find a room near the IULM or prefer to look for a house in other neighborhoods, take a look at the areas located along the green metro line or bypass, as trolleys 90 and 91 pass very close to the college.

By the station Romolo also passes the S9 train line, which arrives in a few minutes to the stations of Bicocca, Lambrate, Porta Romana and San Cristoforo.




About the city

Ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world by Forbes, Florence is the epitome of what you can think about when you think about Italy: Cradle of the Renaissance, birthplace of Italian language and dwell of artistic masterpiece of Michelangelo and Brunelleschi.

Visit the Uffizi Museum, having a glass of wine with your new friend while eating a schiacciata alla fiorentina and enjoy a crazy luxury shopping in luxury while studying at one of the oldest and famous universities of the world.

If Batman’s butler Alfred chosen Florence as his retirement place to drink Fernet liquor at the bank of river Arno, why you wouldn’t? Rent a room it over at and find your accomodation for your perfect Erasmus stay.