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Living in Brera

It is hard to find a more fascinating and central area than Brera, a neighborhood a few meters from the cathedral and the castle Sforzesco, whose name is irremediably related to art. It is located in the heart of the area that houses the Academy of Fine Arts and the Brera Pinacoteca. Unfortunately, only a handful of the many artists who resided in the area until recently, although some beautiful private galleries can still be seen in a unique environment.

Brera counts on several indispensable places for creative professionals who look for tools of work, as well as bars as old as Jamaica, located in the Brera street. If it's too crowded for your taste, you have other options on Via Fiori Chiari for a drink. Finding cheap flats in Brera can be tricky, if not impossible, and its central location makes it a very accessible neighborhood.


The district of Brera is located in the heart of Milan, so any means of transport has a stop more or less close. The nearest metro stop is Laza, on the green line (M2), although you can also use Cairoli if you prefer the red line (M1) or Montenapoleone, if you use the yellow line (M3). Trams 2, 12, and 14 pass through the eastern area of Brera, while bus 61 runs along Via Pontaccio. Therefore, even if you can not find rooms for students in Brera that convince you, you are sure to find it not far away.


The only university with headquarters in Brera is the Academy of Fine Arts, an old institution where artists such as Dario Fo and Lucio Fontana have been trained, among others. If you live in a student flat in Brera you can easily reach other universities in Milan.

Città Studi

With the green line (M2) you can reach from Lanza to Piola in a few minutes. Here you will find the Polytechnic University and the Città Studi campus of the State University of Milan.

Catholic University

From Lanza, take the green line and in only two stops you will reach Sant'Agostino, the stop of the Catholic University. If the weather is good, you may arrive on a bicycle first. IULM and Navigli area

If you continue on the green metro line in a southerly direction, in three stops you will arrive at Romolo, where the IULM is located. From here you can easily reach the Navigli area, which houses the Naba and Bocconi University.



About the city

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