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In the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, surrounded by mountains and natural parks, Madrid is an irresistible destination full of cultural and leisure offers. Spain's largest city houses famous museums, art galleries, elegant buildings, and charming squares. Home to two world-class football teams, Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid, the capital of the Kingdom of Spain also boasts unique neighbourhoods, bustling nightlife, and scrumptious cuisine. Packed with energy and character, Madrid is a city that will satisfy most travellers' desires.


Restaurants to visit

Chef in restaurant kitchen at stove with pan, doing flambe on food


Delicious food is served at this establishment run by Oscar Velasco, apprentice to one of the giants of Catalonian cuisine, Santi Santamaria. His influence can be seen in dishes such as shrimp ravioli stuffed with ceps.

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Sobrino de Botín, Spanish restaurant in Madrid, Spain

Sobrino de Botín

Botín is a restaurant that really does live up to the epithet "classic". With a history going back almost 300 years, it claims the title of the world's oldest restaurant in continuous operation. The food is also classical Spanish: lamb steak and roast suckling pig. This last one is mentioned in a Hemingway novel.

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Casino de Madrid, Spain

Paco Roncero Restaurante

At Paco Roncero (formerly La Terraza del Casino), the chef of the same name has created an immersive venue—a so-called "emotion editor". Lights, screens and furniture change as guests can interact with the interior. The cuisine is international, featuring the classics of different cultures. You can choose between different multiple-course menus. Paco Roncero is located on the top floor of the Casino de Madrid.

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Close up of delicious grilled seafood platter

Ribeira do Miño

"Mariscos" is Spanish for seafood, and it is absolutely essential to try it when you’re in Spain. Marisquería Ribeira do Miño is a great place to visit for some authentic Galician seafood. Specialities include Galician octopus and ham with Galician turnip. Pair your meal with some of Galicia's best wines: Albariño or Ribeiro.

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pot with fire

Allard Madrid

Allard Madrid was initially a private club, and it wasn't until 2007 that it opened to the public. It has been awarded two Michelin stars, which suggests that the culinary delights in this restaurant are nothing short of fantastic.

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beautiful table setting a festive table for guests at the restaurant

Restaurante Lúa

Lúa (the Galician word for moon) has a menu that is based on two things: the first is the season, and the second is reliable recipes passed down for generations, given modern and creative twists. The results speak for themselves.

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