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Student Accommodation close to Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Rey Juan Carlos University has campuses in Alcorcón, Aranjuez, Fuenlabrada, Madrid (Vicálvaro) and Móstoles. All the five campuses are well connected with the center of Madrid and have metro, train or bus stops nearby.

If you are going to study at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and you’re looking for accommodation, these are the best areas and neighbourhoods to live:

Alcorcón is a residential town south of Madrid. The campus is located in Avenida de Atenas and the nearest metro station is Parque Oeste (line 12). You can also reach the campus by train C-5 and the buses 1, 2 and 516. The metro line 12 borders the city and stops at Parque Oeste. Getting there from Parque Lisboa takes about 10 minutes.

Aranjuez is south of Madrid. It is a historical city with a vibrant cultural landscape that has made it World Heritage. Despite the distance, this area is well connected to the center of Madrid with the train line C-3. The town is relatively small, which makes it possible to walk to the university from almost anywhere in Aranjuez. There are also four bus lines that make commuting even easier.

Fuenlabrada campus is in Camino del Molino and the nearest metro station is Hospital de Fuenlabrada. Metro line 12 crosses Fuenlabrada from east to west, so it’s very easy to get to the campus. The ride from the town center to the University only takes about 20 minutes.

If you are going to study in the Madrid campus the best areas to find accommodation are Vicálvaro, Moratalaz and Retiro.

The campus is right next to the historic center of Vicálvaro and the nearest metro stop is Vicálvaro (line 9). The southeast neighbourhoods (Moratalaz and Retiro) are very well connected to the campus (line 9), which makes them a very good option to live in. The journey to the university from Vinateros (Moratalaz) takes only 10 minutes and from Sainz de Baranda 14 minutes.

For the campus of Móstoles, Móstoles and Alcorcón  are both good areas to find accommodation. Both of them are connected with  the university (metro line 12) and the journey takes less than 20 minutes.

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Rey Juan Carlos University was founded in 1996 and is one of the main universities in Madrid. It is characterized by an innovative and modern approach as well as a research-oriented academic environment.

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