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Lyon is often called the capital city of gastronomy. For a long time, this was equated with sauces and a petit-bourgeois small town complex. But then the TGV high speed train linked Lyon with Paris and Marseille, Olympique de Lyon started to win League Championship after League Championship, and a new Lyon was suddenly filled with daring architecture, crowded cafés, and avant-garde exhibitions.


Restaurants to visit

French Onion Soup with King Island Dairy Discovery Hot Waxed Blue Cheese Crouton

Brasserie “Le Nord”

Brasserie “Le Nord” is Monsieur Bocuse’s turn of the century bistro with all of Northern France’s classics dishes on the menu, including onion soup, calf brains, chicken fricassee and other interesting specialities. It also has an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy your food.

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Tables set for meal

Brasserie “Le Sud”

This is one of the four restaurants owned by the famous chef Paul Bocus. The menu offers specialties from Mediterranean cuisine, like salad nicoise, osso buco, fish soup, tartars and spit-roasts. The interior decor is inspired in Morocco and the French provinces.

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Brasserie “L’Est”

This is another of Monsieur Bocuse’s restaurants, located in an old train station. The chef prepares the best dishes inspired from all around the world. On the menu you will find goose liver in Port, Serrano ham, Crispy Pizza and roasted salmon escalope from Norway.

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Chef in hotel or restaurant kitchen cooking, only hands to be seen, he is seasoning dishes

Brasserie “L’Ouest”

Brasserie “L’Ouest” is the youngest and most modern restaurant of the Bocuse brasseries, having opened its doors in 2003. The menu provides meat, fish and pasta dishes inspired from French, Italian, Spanish and Asian cooking. With Philippe Starck design on the chairs, candelabras and plasma screens it gives a modern feeling.

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Chef in restaurant kitchen at stove with pan, doing flambe on food

Chez les Gones

Chez les Gones is a classic bouchon, a tiny traditional Lyon restaurant. There is a terrace on the top floor which makes a nice seating area if the weather permits. Discover authentic local cuisine at this restaurant where the staff creates food with passion.

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La Brasserie George, Brewery, Lyon, France

Brasserie Georges

Brasserie Georges is located opposite the Perrache station. It is a classic brasserie, founded in 1836, with a long history of serving up fabulous French cuisine. It is definitely not to be missed - for its fabulous Art Deco style, if nothing else.

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