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So you’ve spent the last few months going over your options and for some reason Lisbon keeps popping up everywhere. Surely it’s a sign. You started by reading a few articles and then the yellow tram and the river Tagus starting whispering louder and louder. Soon enough it became obvious: the other cities never really stood a chance. Your spine tingled and anxiously you jumped on the wagon and began looking up places to stay. Well here we are, look no further!

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What makes a city perfect for students? Great universities are a start, but they’re not the whole story. Some great student cities are sunny places by the beach, others have a wild nightlife. What’s important is that there’ll always be an adventure just around the corner. Whether it’s just chilling with friends or exploring your neighbourhood, checking out bars, restaurants, or museums: the cities we’re in, you don’t get bored in.

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Uniplaces is creating a trusted brand for students everywhere. We believe in making finding accommodation better. We want students to have a great experience when they book a place, when they move in, and every day that they spend there. At the same time, we're always looking for trustworthy landlords who can help us deliver this great experience. We've moved the whole process of finding, choosing and booking online. It's our way of turning an old-fashioned market upside-down. It's our way of changing the world.