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Budapest is a truly authentic and historic European capital, but it also has an innovative, pulsating personality--making it a versatile and cosmopolitan city. The beautiful built and natural environment, the grandiose architecture, the historical thermal spas, the diverse and vibrant gastronomy, a blossoming fashion and design scene, and the rich cultural life define Budapest’s sparkling and original character. Come with us and indulge in the spice that is Budapest. Make memories you will remember for the rest of your life.


Restaurants to visit

Chef preparing food at fine dining restaurant

Onyx Restaurant

A proud holder of two Michelin stars, Onyx offers a regal dining experience blending traditional flavours with quality and innovation. Lunch menus of 3, 4, and 6 courses are available, and specialties include rooster consommé, duck ravioli, and flódni, a poppy seed and walnut-filled rich dessert of Hungarian origin.

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person eating in fine restaurant stylish

Costes Downtown

The second venue of the Costes team serving fine courses inspired by local and international cuisine, all made of unique ingredients from quail to mangalica. An elegant, bistro-style restaurant that was awarded with a Michelin-star shortly after its opening.

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gundel pancake chocolate walnut

Gundel Restaurant

Located in the vibrant scenery of the City Park, Gundel is a flagship restaurant dedicated to Hungarian cuisine. It started as a father-and-son establishment in the hands of Bavarian chef Károly Gundel in the late 19th century. Its menu features traditional Hungarian flavours with a modern and international twist, served through à la carte as well as tasting menus, including mangalica pork, goose liver, and the famous Gundel pancake.

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elegant restaurant with lights

Déryné Bisztró

Déryné is Buda's symbolic restaurant, heavily frequented by locals living west of the Danube. It opened in the 1910s and served several well-known artists at the time, but it welcomes today's visitor with the same quality and hospitality, offering Hungarian and French-style dishes and home-made bakery products that are the subject of acclaim in the entire city.

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paprika stew with gnocchi


Menza is Hungarian for canteen, and indeed this restaurant serves the very staples of Hungarian cuisine, in an elegant but very friendly atmosphere. The menu includes goulash, garlic soup, trout, veal stew, and apple strudel, just to pick a few.

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red white checkered tablecloth with cutlery


Housed in the busy Great Market Hall, Fakanál is a traditional restaurant serving Hungarian meals in an authentic setting accompanied by live gypsy music. A lively atmosphere is guaranteed here, either because of the events they host, or the pálinka shots that are always on high demand (and a must for every visitor).

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