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As the capital of the Emilia Romagna region, Bologna is an art city, a university centre and a place renowned for its excellent cuisine. It hosts important international trade fairs and is one of the world’s greatest motor cities. Ducati, Lamborghini and Maserati were all born in Bologna and Ferrari’s headquarters can be found in nearby Modena.


Restaurants to visit

italian dish

Ristorante Rodrigo

Rodrigo, situated in an old building in the city centre, is claimed to be one of the most elegant restaurants of the city. The menu contains both traditional dishes and creative ones based on fish, meat and mushrooms. The fresh pasta is very good. If you go there late in the evening, you can sometimes spot famous Italian actors.

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fresh pasta


Born in the 1920's, this restaurant is known as the temple of the Bolognese cuisine. Recommended dishes include fresh pasta (tortellini, tortelloni, lasagne, tagliatelle), roasts, mushrooms and dessert ’Diana’ with hot chocolate and ice cream. The furniture and atmosphere give you a ticket back to the 1950's.

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Ristorante Posta

Posta is recommended for its typical Tuscan cuisine and its romantic atmosphere with candle lit tables. The waiters are pleasant and fast working. Recommended dishes include fresh pasta, sweets, vegetable soup and grilled meat. This is a good place for wine buffs.

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pasta with meat


Donatello is a well-known restaurant frequently visited by famous artists and singers. The walls are covered with photographs and the restaurant is renowned for its excellent food. Choose between dishes like tortellini with cream and walnuts or tagliatelle with meat sauce and grilled meat. The wine is also claimed to be really good.

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Piadina with ham and lettuce.

La Tua Piadina

Here you can try all sorts of piadinas (a sort of pizza bread with fillings) and you will definitely find something you like. Choose between everything from the thick piadina of Bertinoro to the thin kind from Riccione. They also have a kind of vegetarian piadina and flavours such as Nerella with walnuts.

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pizza making

Pizzeria Ristorante Vito a San Luca

If you want a good pizza, try this restaurant opposite the Madonna of San Luca Sanctuary. It also offers generous salads, bruschettas, desserts and ice cream and a good selection of red and white wines.

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