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Renowned for its rich industrial heritage, Birmingham has evolved into a modern metropolis bustling with cultural diversity, historic landmarks, world-class attractions, and a vibrant arts scene. From fascinating museums and iconic shopping centres to stunning parks and a thriving food scene, Britain’s second-largest city boasts a myriad of experiences that cater to every traveller’s interests.


Restaurants to visit

Chef in hotel or restaurant kitchen cooking only hands. Prepared beef steak with vegetable decoration. Toned photo.


Located within the cosmopolitan area at Brindleyplace, Bank is a chic and elegant brasserie-style venue serving pasta, seafood, and steak in a spacious yet intimate dining area with an open kitchen.

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Indian food


Pushkar is a destination for authentic North Indian cuisine, where Indian fine dining reaches its pinnacle. With an eclectic menu that skillfully combines contemporary, traditional, and original ideas, the restaurant offers a culinary experience like no other. From aromatic curries to flavorful tandoori specialities, each dish is a masterpiece. And to complement the exquisite flavours, Pushkar also boasts a vibrant cocktail bar, making it a perfect setting for indulging in the finest Indian cuisine while sipping on expertly crafted drinks.

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Pasta with Clams

Cucina Rustica

Nestled in the renowned Jewellery Quarter, Cucina Rustica brings the heart of Italy to Birmingham through its authentic Italian cuisine. With a passion for culinary excellence, this restaurant offers a delectable selection of dishes, ranging from flavorful pasta and risotto to tantalizing fresh seafood.

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Bibimbap, korean food


Topokki is a warm and cosy eatery that specialises in Korean home-cooking cuisine. From mouthwatering Korean dumplings to fiery spicy fried pork and delectable Korean-style pancakes, each dish is bursting with authentic Korean flavours.

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Chef in restaurant kitchen cooking

Carters of Moseley

Carters of Moseley, a Michelin-starred restaurant, presents an exquisite dining experience featuring a luxurious multi-course tasting menu crafted with the finest seasonal British ingredients. From succulent Scottish beef to fresh Cornish fish and locally sourced vegetables, every dish is a celebration of the country's culinary treasures. To complement the exceptional cuisine, the restaurant offers a thoughtfully curated wine list that spotlights artisanal growers.

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Chef whisking


Simpsons, a French restaurant boasting a coveted Michelin star, offers a delightful fusion of inventive British cooking within the elegant confines of a Georgian dining room. Nestled in the picturesque and verdant neighbourhood of Edgbaston, the restaurant provides a romantic and beautiful setting for an unforgettable dining experience.

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