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The quality of its universities, its multicultural character, its beaches, its cultural offer ... There are thousands of reasons why you should choose Barcelona as your university destination. The Ciudad Condal attracts thousands of students every year from all over Spain, but also from many other countries.

Finding accommodation during the summer months is not an easy task, given the number of tourists that visit the city during this period. However, there are some types of accommodation that tourists cannot book and that are aimed only at university students: dorms.


If you move to Barcelona and you have not considered living in a student residence may be the perfect time to remind you of the many advantages it has:


If it is the first time you are in Barcelona or it is your first year of university, living in a student residence will give you a great sense of security, since there will always be a concierge or other available staff member that you can call if you have any problem.


In residences you pay a fixed fee per month and period. You do not have to be aware of when each bill arrives, to see how much each one has to pay and to remember to pay. So you save yourself a worry and you spend that time studying (or whatever you want).


The socializing role of residences is, perhaps, the most advantageous element compared to living in shared flats. Sharing common spaces (dining room, lounge, games room, study room) and even the room makes integration into college life way easier. In addition to making friends with whom to party, you will meet people of your study year or older students that can give you a hand and guide you during the studies.

Uniplaces has a wide variety of residences for students in Barcelona located in the most sought after neighborhoods, such as Les Corts, Horta, L'Eixample, Gracia, El Raval or Sant Antoni. There are rooms for all tastes: single, shared, with private bathroom, overlooking the outside, with desk, with double bed. Below you can see several alternatives.

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