Accommodation in Esquerra de L'Eixample

Accommodation in Esquerra de L'Eixample

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Living in Esquerra de L´Eixample

Esquerra de L’Eixample is the left hand part of L’Eixample, which is located in the north of Plaza Catalunya and within the center of Barcelona. It was built during a later stage on the right side of the widening and it is known to be a residential quarter with beautiful buildings and a great entertainment and nightlife options. Here you can find the Joan Miró park, the Ninot market, the Hospital Clínico, the University of Barcelona and a huge number of bars and restaurants in Esquerra de L’Eixample. Your safe bet if you want to do some shopping in this area is Centro Comercial Arenes.


The main building of the University of Barcelona is located in the right bottom part of the quarter on the wide Avenida de las Cortes Catalanas. It has its own subway station (Universitat, lines 1 and 2). You can also get there by bus as there are several lines which have stops in the area ( lines 50, 59, 66, 54, 68, 7).

Campus North and South of the Polytechnical University of Catalonia are situated on both sides of the Avenida Diagonal and do have their own subway station (Zona Universitaria, line 3). It will take you around 20 minutes by tube to get there from the left side of the widening.


As the university is located in this area, it is naturally a very popular neighborhood in terms of student accommodation. There is a high amount of rooms to rent in Esquerra de L’Eixample. Uniplaces has a great variety of student rooms available in shared flats. They contain one or several beds. Some of them even have their own bathroom. Another advantage of renting out a room in Esquerra de L’Eixample - apart from its proximity to the university - is its affordability compared to other quarters of the city.


The area has very good transport connections, so that you can quickly and easily get to any part of Barcelona from there. For example it takes you only about 20 minutes to get to Barceloneta, 25 minutes to get to Les Corts and 20 minutes to Poblenou. Subway line number 5, which crosses the right side of the widening, will bring you to the train station Sants. You can take a train to the airport from there.



About the city

Coming to study in Barcelona is life-changing. The capital of the Catalan region is home to Spain’s two best-ranked universities, and is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Here, you’ll find everything from great architecture, performing arts, and cultural centres, to economic hubs leading the way towards the future.

Studying in Barcelona is more than just that – it’s an adventure. The friends you make, the great weather you’ll enjoy, all contribute to this city’s charm.

Finding accommodation for students in Barcelona is very easy and affordable, especially when you’ve got Uniplaces to help you book safely!