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CEMS is an alliance of universities and businesses preparing the next generation of business leaders. They share Uniplaces' global philosophy: thanks to CEMS, the business world of tomorrow will be more multilingual, multicultural and interconnected.

The Compostela Group of Universities promotes dialogue and cooperation in higher education. The 70 universities that have joined this initiative of the University of Santiago de Compostela believe that diversity in higher education is key to a better society. We agree!

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is in 430 institutions and 37 countries, making it the biggest student association in Europe. With a lot of focus on social events, ESN has made the Erasmus exchange an awesome, intercultural experience.

You might know QS as the company behind one of the most respected World University Rankings. QS is more than that: it is a company focused on bringing the best, high-achieving students to the world's most reputed universities.

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA) has been one of the earliest partners with Uniplaces. It is an innovative, ground-breaking university in Lisbon that has always worked hard to empower its young students and encourage their creativity.

StudyPortals help you choose what universities you want to go to. They help you know everything you need to know about the best universities. Use their database to compare between universities and find out the best place for you to do your Bachelor, Master, PhD or short course.

InternsGoPro are changing the world for young workers. This network is trying to set higher standards for internships. Their mission is to help students and graduates develop skills and get a job. They give ratings and quality labels to different internship programmes so you’ll know what to expect, and where to apply!

With 40,000 members ELSA is the world’s largest independent law students’ association. ELSA provides opportunities for international exchange, diversified legal education and personal professional development for law students and young lawyers.

The European Youth Card Association (EYCA) is all about giving young people better opportunities to be mobile and active. To do so, it brings together organisations that issue Youth Cards to over 5 million young people in 36 countries across Europe. The card is packed with over 60,000 discounts that young people can use to live more - while spending less!

The student organisation AEGEE works towards a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. Through its activities, it empowers students and young people in Europe to take an active role in society. Its network counts with 13,000 members. It's present in 200 cities, in nearly all European countries.

AIESEC is developing the next generation of young leaders through practical experiences. They provide cross-cultural professional internships and volunteer experiences across the world. They are present in 126 countries and territories, and have more than 70,000 members worldwide.

EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students' Association) is representing pharmacy students and recent graduates from all over Europe. Today, it speaks in the name of over 160.000 students and aims to actively engage at student and professional level, bringing pharmacy, knowledge and students together while promoting personal development.

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) is a pioneering Catalunyan university dedicated to teaching and reseaching architecture, engineering and technology. The UPC's is committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and the environment.

The University of Granada (UGR) could very well be one of the most beautiful universities in the world. It was founded back in 1531 and has been one of the centres of Spanish culture and academia ever since.

Europe Language Jobs is an exciting job board*specialized in multilingual job vacancies*. We are a meeting point between candidates and companies, operating in over 48 countries and 33 languages.

The ISIC is the only internationally recognized proof of full-time student status. It is a card that represents a life style and grants access to worldwide benefits. With more than 60 years of history, ISIC is endorsed by UNESCO and supported by European Council on Culture and Andean Community of Nations.

JADE is an umbrella organisation of more than 280 student-run businesses across 200 universities in 14 European countries. Following the motto "learning-by-doing", our students bridge the gap between academia and real business world. By running non-profit SMEs and being social entrepreneurs, the students turn over 16 million euro per year and involve more than 20,000 peers, thus leaving a significant impact on the local and national business world.

Stud&Globe gives you advice, information, coaching and personalized service if you look for an internship abroad. Barcelona based, they offered interships across Europe.

Our mission is to be the leading think tank and platform on student housing in Europe. We provide an international network of complementary partners, members and associations. By bringing people together, we offer and share high-quality information and best practices. We aim for a student housing market that is open, international, professional, sophisticated and developed to fully accommodate student needs.

The German association of student living BfSW (Bundesverband für Studentisches Wohnen e. V.) is the voice of student accommodation sector in Germany. As association for this sector the BfSW is campaigning together with its national and international members for consistent standards in the micro living scope.

StudentJob is an online job portal that specialises in providing part-time jobs, internships, graduate programmes and placements for students. Start your job search at Europe’s biggest job site for students and young talent! Sign up for free to the site and begin your journey today!

Information Planet is the largest educational agency in Portugal and one of the biggest in the world with over 50 offices worldwide, responsible for sending more than 7,000 students abroad every year.

The agency’s goal is to guide, assist and redirect students to destinations that match their profiles and ambitions. With a youthful, experienced and innovative team, the company provides services such as consultancy, applications, translations, coaching and logistics allowing students to enjoy their experiences to the fullest.

Universitybox is the leading student network in Italy, connecting brands and university students in a single platform. offers discounts, job opportunities and exclusive experiences to all Italian university students. Discover the offer that Uniplaces has reserved for them.

The Easy Future Youth Association was founded by youthful people like you in April 2020 to ensure you get the best academic results possible, so you can have the future you've always dreamed of – all this because the future is you!

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design is an international school of Higher Education of completely Italian origin, which operates in the field of training and research in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, Communication, Restoration and has 12 offices in Italy, Spain and Brazil: Milan, Turin, Rome, Florence, Venice, Cagliari, Como, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro.

Premium Education Consulting is a foreign orientation consulting agency for middle and high school students, students, and professionals. Partner of several schools, high schools and universities, Premium Education Consulting provides quality support for students and parents who choose the services of a specialized agency to organize their international projects.

Tauschwohnung is the biggest platform for housing exchange across Europe. Every day many people are mediated with each other via the online platform.

Join Uniplaces's affiliate program and earn money by promoting advertiser's products and services online via Admitad's platform. Boost sales and receive a commission!

Expat Empire's vision is to empower more people to experience the joys of living abroad. Through personalised consulting services, courses, books, blogs, podcasts, events, and more, Expat Empire provides the most helpful services and information for people who want to move, live, and work overseas!

Birds Intercâmbio Cultural is a Brazilian exchange student recruitment agency, founded in 2012. Birds have been an ICEF agency since 2012. We also offer our students support for accommodation services, visa application, airline e-tickets, visa travel money cards, SIM international cards, student insurance, and support 24 hours x 7 days a week for our clients.

Jooble is an international job search website used daily by millions of people in 69 countries. The company has been operating in the online recruitment market since 2006. In its — years of existence, the company has gone from a startup founded by two students to a global employment platform. Today, Jooble is among the TOP-10 websites in the world in terms of traffic in the Jobs And Employment segment, according to SimilarWeb.

Eurosender offers simple and reliable shipping services, helping more than 500,000 students organise their move when studying abroad. They collaborate with multiple international courier companies to make sure you always find the right shipping service for your needs, whether you are sending a suitcase, a package, an envelope, or organising an entire relocation.

We are the first multilingual European-wide platform connecting employees and employers from every industry. We provide candidates with maximum security by offering them proven jobs and a knowledge base, and we provide employers with the best qualified employees.

ASAP Cidadania Portuguesa is an agency that assists its clients to have their Portuguese citizenship recognized directly in Portugal and supports foreigners to realize their dream of immigrating to the country, through an integrated and innovative solution, reducing time, cost and bureaucracy throughout the process.

Konsulting Global is a relocation organization in Spain that offers high-quality personalized services to migrants, foreign students, and expatriates. Their services include advice on finding housing, legal procedures, migration, administrative tasks, hospitalization, and adaptation to the new environment. Their highly qualified consultants ensure efficient and accurate management of paperwork.

The Barcelona Academy of Art is a specialised centre dedicated to the professional teaching of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. The BAA offers full-time/part-time programs and evening courses based on the methods of the great academic studios of the 19th century to teach students how to draw, paint and sculpt realistically. is your online city guide for everything you want to discover in and around Amsterdam. From highlights to hidden secrets. We aim to create a platform that contributes to the symbiosis of tourism and the city of Amsterdam. In order to do so, we aim on the travels, local businesses, and citizens of Amsterdam.

StudiesIn, the study abroad portal for Spain. Offering end-to-end support from the comfort of your home until the moment you set foot in your dream university in Spain. Providing access to any university in Spain, be it public or private, and taking care of all the hustle that comes along with realizing your study abroad adventure.

At Student Travel Tips, our mission is to empower young people to travel with confidence. Founded in 2020, Student Travel Tips is a global source of relatable and authentic advice - developed for students, by students - for and young people looking to travel.

Grades Up is a free tutor in your pocket, born during the Pandemic by two high school students to aid learners. With AI, it answers any question in any language. Users can interact via posts. The latest update introduces a housing search feature in partnership with Uniplaces! Suitable for all ages, Grades Up helps with just a text or a photo.

The Odgo is a 'Community-first' company, which focuses on creating solutions from and for its community for immigrants heading to Portugal!

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