Pleasant single bedroom in a 6-bedroom flat, in Picoas

  1. Portugal
  2. Lisbon
  3. Picoas
  4. Avenida Duque De Loulé
  • Single bedroom
  • 1 person
  • 6-bedroom apartment
Available from Sep 1, 2017 This landlord hasn't updated the availability in a while, so the information could be out of date. Confirm if it's available before booking it. Last update 1 week ago
Bedroom /month 439€
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  • Water Included
  • Electricity Included
  • Gas Included
  • Internet Included
Bills are included up to a total of 40€

Bedroom Details

reference 46193
The bedroom
  • Single bed1
  • Ensuite No
  • Wardrobe
  • Chair/s
  • Window
  • Sofa-bed
  • Chest of drawers
  • Sofa
  • TV
  • Desk
  • Balcony

Apartment Details


If you’re interested in finding the perfect place to call your home for the time you’ll be studying in Lisbon, this apartment in the Picoas neighbourhood could be the starting point for your next student adventure. You’d be living in one of the busiest areas of the city and you’ll have plenty of amenities at your disposal that’ll make your life much easier. Close to you, you’ll find transport links to anywhere you want to go, all sort of stores and very nice cafés and restaurants, as well as gyms. Another point of interest is Parque Eduardo VII, which is metres away, and both Universidade Autónoma and Instituto Superior Técnico are not too far away either!

The apartment features a total of six bedrooms that are ideal for any student - two of these bedrooms share a private bathroom. There are also two common bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room completing the flat. Here, you'll live with your peers and make new friends everyday.

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  • Pets allowed
  • Overnight guests allowed
  • Smoking allowed
  • Outdoor area
  • Wi-fi
  • TypeCommon areas
  • FrequencyWeekly
  • Bedroom 6
  • Kitchen 1
  • Dining room 1
  • Bathroom 2
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  • Start date 01 Sep, 2017
  • End date 31 Jan, 2018
  • Contract Value 2 225€
  • Availability Available
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  • Start date 01 Sep, 2017
  • End date 30 Jun, 2018
  • Contract Value 4 450€
  • Availability Available
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  • Start date 01 Feb, 2017
  • End date 30 Jun, 2017
  • Contract Value 2 225€
  • Availability Fully booked
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  • Water Included
  • Electricity Included
  • Gas Included
  • Internet Included
Bills are included up to a total of 40€


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