Tasteful studio flat in a hotel near the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz metro

  1. Germany
  2. Berlin
  3. Prenzlauer Berg
  4. Schönhauser Allee
  • Studio in hotel
  • 1 bathroom
  • Up to 2 people
Available from Jun 27, 2017 This landlord hasn't updated the availability in a while, so the information could be out of date. Confirm if it's available before booking it. Last update 7 months ago
Entire property /month 1 632€
All bills included All bills are included in your monthly rent. There is no extra payment required regarding them
  • Water Included
  • Electricity Included
  • Internet Included

Studio Details

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Interested in living in a trendy place in Berlin for the time you’re there working on your studies? You must have a look at this studio, part of a hotel, in Prenzlauer Berg. Better located than this is impossible! The neighbourhood is rich in a student environment, as it’s very well-connected to the city centre and it offers you amenities such as commercial areas, parks, cafes, restaurants and much more! You’ll also benefit from transport links that’ll take you anywhere you want in the city.

This flat has a bedroom area with a double bed and a full-length window that leads to balcony There’s also a kitchen and a bathroom. You'll find that this flat has very classic traces and offers the homely vibe you so deserve.

As you see, this is a great place that is sure to contribute to a unique experience!

  • Pets allowed
  • Overnight guests allowed
  • Smoking allowed
  • Outdoor area
  • Central heating
  • Wi-fi
  • Kitchen 1
  • Bathroom 1
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  • Start date 01 Jan, 2017
  • End date 31 Dec, 2017
  • Contract Value 19 800€
  • Availability Available
  • Water Included
  • Electricity Included
  • Internet Included


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